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We've been there. We've done it. And now we've committed ourselves to doing it better for you. After searching high & low for Third-Party Logistics (3PL) that understood us, so we decided to create our own.

Alike us, you know that there are 1000 things that you have on your list. That packing & shipping orders takes time. We know that you want to spend time working ON your business instead of working IN your business. And from this understanding, Virago Logistics was born.

We have a background in e-commerce, we have our own in-house brands, & we know that getting products to customers is one of the most tiresome activities - so let us take care of it for you.

So let's chat about how Virago Logistics can create a bespoke solution to help you to get on with more important things like living your best life.

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🥇 National Winner of the 2024 Australian Achiever Awards or Australia’s Transport Delivery, & Relocation Services and Supplies.

🏆 The Australian Small Business Champion Awards FINALIST 2024: Transport and Logistics.

🏆 The Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards FINALIST 2023: Transport and Logistics.

🥈 The AusMumpreneur Awards: B2B Service Business Of The Year winner 2023.

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Utilising Virago has changed my life. They have helped me problem solve for my business and made suggestions to improve processes. And they assisted me with Shopify and other new apps. They have also helped with customer service emails and warehousing, such as storage and stock. The whole team is always great to deal with, and they give excellent advice about retail overall. Jess and Em in particular are fantastic.


It was my first time as an e-commerce user, and the Virago team team took my business and set aside a couple of days to set up Shopify and other apps to get the online business started. They showed me how to arrange everything so I would know how to do it in the future. They really did go over and above to help me and they were easy to work with and inclusive. Virago are a pleasure to do business with and made the experience easy.


Virago offers a personalised service. The team pays close attention to detail and provides outstanding communication. Any challenges are addressed and rectified properly. We have a great relationship, they are like family.


Working alongside Jess & Em has been such a pleasure. They took over everything so efficently and effortlessly that it's allowed me to get back to working on my business.


The moment we outsourced our 3PL, the moment our lives changed forever. The team at Virago have enabled me to get back to the important business. I can't do it without them.


When we grew overnight, the next step was to engage 3PL & I am so glad I did. Now we don't worry about packing & shipping and we can focus on coming up with new designs.


As a mum, time is the most valuable resource I have. When I decided to outsource my shipping to Virago I knew I was making the right decision to make my business grow. The girls were so amazing that they also helped me with packaging. I couldn't be happier.


Knowing when you leave your garage it half of the story. Now that we're shipping out of Virago, we're never going to look back. We should have done it sooner.