What is Virago?

Derived from the Latin language, Virago is a word used to describe a woman with exemplary, heroic qualities. We believe in cultivating the Virago in every woman.

Virago is not just a community, it’s a force for powerful change. 

Founded by entrepreneur Elisa Hurtado in September 2018, Virago is premier Sunshine Coast community for women in business. The Virago woman is fearless, inspired, passionate and hungry to live her best life.

Following the successful launch of Virago, Elisa and her team are excited to continue to ride the wave of positive energy and deliver an exciting series educational, inspiring and aspirational events. 

Virago events are for women aged 18+, initially just within the region of the Sunshine Coast, who are contemporary, business minded, creative and willing to invest in their professional development. 

The main draw card for our events is our inspirational speakers. Women who have demonstrated the essence of the word Virago; drawn upon their inner strength, intelligence and resourcefulness to achieve a positive, successful result. 

We also invite aligned brands and influencers to participate that we believe will contribute towards the overall value received by our guests. 

Our events will be scheduled to occur once a quarter and unlike our competitors, we’re working to produce podcasts featuring our inspirational guest speakers so provide a value add to our guests and a lasting resource for future guidance. 

Check the events page for more info and tickets.