• Why change your life with Virago logistics?

    That's easy, we're going to save you time & save you money. And these are the most valuable resources that a business has. We're boutique & we're on the ground and that means your business is our business and we care about you. That is why we are the best choice for third party logistics in Melbourne
  • What does a third party logistics company do for you?

    We're the experts in inventory management, picking, packing and shipping orders to your customers. We've been there, we're still there. So when we say we're doing it for ourselves, we're really doing it. Imagine what life would be like without having to pick, pack and ship? Well that is what we do. 
  • How to know if you're ready for 3PL?

    Moving from packing & shipping at home to 3PL is really a decision in value. How much do you value your time? How many time can you save by shipping with a third-party? If you can save time in packing and shipping then you can spend more time working on your business in the things that make you money.