Virago Logistics, based in Cheltenham VIC, has won the 2024 Australian Achiever Award for Australia’s Transport, Delivery & Relocation Services & Supplies category.

Now in its twenty-seventh year, the Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased award system based on assessment ratings from a business’s own customers. The awards provide an indication of a well-run business where satisfied customers are a sign that a business is healthy, worthy of praise and increased custom.

jess breakwell and em frost - virago logistics

The award system focuses on eight criteria, namely: Time Related Service, Addressing Client Needs, Care and Attention, Value, Attitude, Communication, Perception and Referral. The criteria are rated individually in percentage terms and the final score is an amalgam of these. Anything above 80% overall is regarded as exceptional and reflects outstanding customer service.

Virago Logistics achieved a 98.90% overall score for Customer Service and Relations, topping all other Transport, Delivery & Relocation Services & Supplies business applicants to become the National Winner. The 2024 Australian Achiever Award proves Virago Logistics delivers on the promise of customer satisfaction.

Established by co-founders Jessica Breakwell and Em Frost in 2021, Virago Logistics was created after they found a gap in the market when searching for a third-party logistics provider that understood their needs. Based in Cheltenham in Melbourne, Virago is a boutique logistics company that now helps e-commerce businesses with warehousing, packaging and shipping. Their mission is simple; aiming to make their clients’ lives easier by saving them time and money.

Em shared “We created Virago Logistics to offer small businesses a premium 3PL service and create bespoke fulfilment solutions to support them as they grow their businesses. To receive this award confirms that not only are we a part of clients’ businesses but a part of their families. We are incredibly honoured to be acknowledged for the service our business provides. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to execute any of this without our wonderful team that walks through the roller doors every morning and we want to say a huge thank you to them.”

Some of the comments Australian Achiever received from Virago Logistics customers are:

"Virago Logistics offers a personalised service. The team pays close attention to detail and provides outstanding communication. Any challenges are addressed and rectified properly. We have a great relationship, they are like family."

"It was my first time as an e-commerce user, and the Virago Logistics team team took my business and set aside a couple of days to set up Shopify and other apps to get the online business started. They showed me how to arrange everything so I would know how to do it in the future. They really did go over and above to help me and they were easy to work with and inclusive. Virago are a pleasure to do business with and made the experience easy ."

"Utilising Virago Logistics has changed my life. They have helped me problem solve for my business and made suggestions to improve processes. And they assisted me with Shopify and other new apps. They have also helped with customer service emails and warehousing, such as storage and stock. The whole team is always great to deal with, and they give excellent advice about retail overall. Jess and Em in particular are fantastic."

australian achiever awards national winner virago logistics 2024