Virago Intake and Dispatch

Requirements for stock intake and dispatch


Please note that Mondays and Tuesdays mornings are reserved for fulfilling orders from the weekend. During this time we will not be able to accept Shopify stock deliveries/purchase orders until all of the weekend’s orders are fulfilled. 


Order Changes

If you do make changes to any orders, please be sure to email to make sure that we get the updates before 8.30 am. This will ensure that changes will be picked up before we print labels.


Customer Service

For clients who require customer service, the inbox will checked daily before orders are printed, to pick up on any order changes. CS emails received after 8:30am will not be actioned before orders are printed.



We now require all products to be barcoded to allow scan to verify via Shipstation. Barcoding can be completed if products are not barcoded. We suggest that you generate the barcodes through the Shopify app - Retail Barcode Labels - and we will print the barcode labels. We will need time to complete barcoding for inbound stock, so please keep us posted with delivery dates and product go live dates as we will need to schedule the work with the fulfilment team. Please note, stock that requires barcoding by Virago, will not be accepted into Shopify until the barcoding is completed by our team.



Returns management will be completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless there are public holidays or sale periods) and returns will be processed in bulk, to increase efficiencies. We will update the returns spreadsheets as returns are processed, and email you once we have made changes.


Oversells - general process

Oversells will come back to the office at the end of each day for processing. If the number of oversells is consistent - we will create a spreadsheet for you to check daily and communicate with the customer for order changes. If you have consistent oversells, we suggest delaying the fulfilment of labels until the end of the day so we to catch overalls before the customer is notified of the shipment. (NB: this is specifically for clothing or merchandise brands). 


Oversells - during sales periods

During sales periods, due to cart competition, increased oversells are likely to occur. We want to minimise customer service time in the office but also avoid holding orders for a long period. In this situation, we might discuss sending the order out without the missing item and tracking it in an oversell spreadsheet. This will be discussed based on brand and level of projected oversells. 


Wholesale orders 

All wholesale orders will be prioritised after daily customer orders, which means they will most likely be actioned at the end of the day. We will action these from Tuesday afternoon onwards. As we need some time to weigh and check the shipments, obtain the best rates and update customs requirements before dispatch, there will be some back and forth before they can be dispatched. Please let us know if something is urgent and we can push them ahead of your B2C orders. 


Stocktakes and Cycle Counts

Stocktakes and cycle counts can be scheduled from Wednesday to Friday, to allow our team time to plan resource. Please be aware that during a stocktake, please do not start a sale until we complete the stocktake. This ensures the stocktake data is correct. 


Sales and events 

As a part of your team, we need to know in advance when you plan sales or events that will affect order volumes. This allows us to plan resources in staff, complete cycle counts on low SKUs etc. Please let us know at least oneweek in advance so that we can plan accordingly and get orders out to customers as quickly as possible. 


Large Stock Deliveries 

Please let us know as soon as you have an update on projected deliveries and timelines. You can do this via our shared marketing calendar. We will need at least 2-3 business days to accept stock into inventory and organise before dispatching. Please be aware that on Mondays and Tuesdays, we will be focussing on the dispatch of dailyorders. For inbound stock, we require you to create a Purchase Order in Shopify and we will accept stock in against the PO. 


Booking Stock Deliveries – our requirements 

  • Forklift unload not available on-site without prior arrangement 
  • Tailgate unload is HIGHLY PREFERRED
  • If the tailgating truck is unavailable, pallets can only be offloaded with the walking stalker if not placed above the truck wheels, clearance is required for the walkie-stalker. (Semi-trailers will not be able to use the walkie-stacker). 
  • Palleted stock cannot be double-stacked.
  • Palleted stock cannot be stacked on top of empty pallets on the truck. They need to be positioned at the front of the truck. 
  • Please advise of the size of the truck delivering to ensure access, limited access to warehouses 2 and 3.