Through talking with our community of customers, business networks and clients we've realised that some of you just need a little extra help.

Between the two of us (Directors) we've been in our businesses for over 25 years.

We've worked in industries from telecommunications, to subscriptions, to clothing, to beauty, to haircare, to FMGC to social media, to education 


We know branding, we know advertising and marketing, we know manufacturing, we know production and of course we know packing & shipping. 

We know Shopify, Facebook ads, Instagram, community management, customer service and behavioural strategy

We know how to launch an e-commerce business in minutes, not months.

We also know what it means to be a female in business, hustling alongside motherhood and running our families. 

So if you're on this journey to create your own business, or to build & scale we can help. 
We love working with small businesses and you can achieve so much more when someone looks at your brand holistically and from outside the box. 

Jess Breakwell and Em Frost Curiosity Killed The Nine To Five