We’re so excited to have you joining us a Virago. To enable the most efficient onboarding we are going to need a few things organised before we begin.

Please ensure the following is completed prior to moving in:

  • All stock is counted & inventory is updated on your website
  • SKUs are clearly identifiable and barcoded to the pack (If you need help with these please let us know). We suggest the formula: PRODUCTNAME_COLOUR_SIZE 
  • Barcodes are all updated.
  • All stock is within the use by date / organised succinctly so we can place them directly onto our shelves for packing. SKUs that sell the best need to be in the easiest reach.
  • Please use the transfer/purchase order via Shopify to transfer future inventory to the warehouse – we will then accept the transfer/PO and agree to the stock count. This will help all to keep track of the stock that has been sent / stock we have received. Please reach out if you have not used this before.
  • You only organise current / selling stock to be sent to us. (Additional stock that is not selling is to be discussed via warehousing).
  • Packaging is organised / ways of packing document – we want to know how to make your stock look as good as possible when sending to customer. (See below).

For us to do packing & shipping the most efficient way possible – we want to make sure we have everything as organised as possible to ensure we have the right team, forklifts available etc. Please share with us the following:

  • Any dates of upcoming sales, pre-sales and special events where orders are expected to increase so we can staff it. We can create a Google Docs and update accordingly.
  • Dates of all deliveries – including the number of pallets/boxes expected in advance - whether a forklift is required. We will also need someone to sign for or accept the order – so time if possible.
  • We also need the number of items/SKUs expected in the delivery – so that we can count it when it moves in – verify that you got what you ordered.
  • If there are notes required on the order – please use the note function – as this will print in the picklist for us. Please be aware customers can see these details. This is for special notes such as gift cards/wrapping or extra products.
  • If you fulfill any orders from your location – please do these right away and record in a spreadsheet or email and let us know – remembering that any orders that land in our system will be printed & fulfilled by us. (This is also the case if you refund an order – we will need this email action straight away as the orders will need to be deleted from our system).
  • If required, we will stocktake once a month – and send you the updates on inventory. Please make sure that you manage this from your end.
  • Please familiarise yourself with all of our terms and conditions of service via -
  • We will update your Order Numbers to include a PREFIX as to distinguish orders from store to store. This helps our fulfillment team to easily search for the order numbers. 
  • Update your insurance to include stock residing at our premises. Please be prepared to do this continiously throughout the year or whenever new stock arrives at the warehouse. As per our T&Cs.


Next steps:

  1. Please create a staff log in for us to be able to get into your store to see orders – – we will then be able to double check anything with the customer – if we need to update details etc.
  2. Please download the appRetail Barcodes Label  - for any additional barcoding that could be required. Or in the case, you have not barcoded products please do so before you come. (SKUS will need to be updated prior to printing barcodes ^ see above). 
  3. Please download the app - Stocktake App - for future stocktakes.
  4. Please download the app SHIPSTATION app to your Shopify - then we will be able to log in and connect your website, couriers, packaging sizes etc. (If you are using your own courier – then you can add them in – we can add rules to automatically choose the cheapest courier/post – you can). You will be able to manage all the settings from there. Please leave the manifests to us – as we need to print these when we arrange for pickup. If you are using our rates, we will set them up for you. If not, please supply accounts, API, keys or logins for your mail service. And all of your current preferences with shipping and rules etc. 
  5. Pickups will happen from 1/51 Grange Road, Moorabbin, for all orders. This includes Sendle / Auspost etc.
  6. Please provide us with a list of inventory & SKUs so that we can identify the products. Documents with images of the products are also helpful when packing orders especially if you have bundles. 
  7. Please provide us with a 'how to pack' PDF so that we can print and reference it with the team. This will help us to induct all staff. 
  8. Please provide us with your packaging sizes so we can set up automations. 
  9. Please save the email reserve this for any customer queries or anything related to orders and shipping. 
  10. We will make a WhatsApp group for quick and easy notifications, please use shipping@virago for anything actionable as this will be read by the entire team. 

Our mission is to save businesses money, improve their efficiencies and take the hassle of packing and shipping orders off their hands. We pride ourselves on high attention to detail and will treat your brands and products as they are our own! Your business is our business. 

We can’t wait to work with you!

Jess & Em